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    Naughty Needlepoints

    A NOTE FROM THE MANAGEMENT:  We here at POPWORX would like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize for what started out as a nice little store, with what we thought was a very sweet elderly little lady making thoughtful needlepoint designs. What we got instead was something completely different!  She calls them "NAUGHTY NEEDLEPOINTS".  We are SHOCKED at what Helen Appletree and her group of cronies at the Sunnyview Nursing Home have produced.  We would close the store immediately but there now seems to be legal issues and a rather large fan base that will not allow us to take any action.  We are unfortunately at her mercy and must continue to allow her to produce her so called “art”.  Again, please accept our apologies for anyone offended by the following pages of products.  We strongly suggest that you NOT follow her blog as it can only encourage her to unleash her wicked wit even further.  Trust us, she’s not stable.  God Help Us ALL!

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